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Upgrade today to protect your family

In 2017, the Queensland Government introduced new legislation throughout the state, to improve the level of safety in Queensland homes.  This new smoke alarm legislation will make Queensland households the safest in Australia in relation to fire safety.

The new legislation specifies that all Queensland dwellings will be required to have interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in all bedrooms, in hallways that connect bedrooms with the rest of the dwelling and on every ceiling level.

A 10-year phased rollout of interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in Queensland will happen over three specific periods starting from 1 January 2017.

What does this mean for your properties?

To comply with this new legislation, interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms are required:

· From 1 January 2017: in all new dwellings and substantially renovated dwellings.

· By 31 December 2021: in all domestic dwellings leased and sold.

· By 31 December 2026: in all other domestic dwellings.

Experience the Smart elec difference

Smart elec has been operating on the Atherton Tablelands (and beyond) since 2012. We are experts in domestic and commercial electrical work, with clients ranging from Real Estate Agents, Single Homeowners, Shops, and Sheds through to Small Production Factories.

Smart elec has 4 electricians on staff, so we can provide fast service for emergency call outs, or a comprehensive team to complete a large job quickly. Our reputation for quality workmanship and products is legendary, as we seek to provide the most professional electrical service on the Tablelands.

BROOKS Smoke Alarms - We’ve got you covered


Smart elec EXCLUSIVELY uses Brooks Photoelectric Smoke Alarms, with 230V AC mains power supply and a non-removable, rechargeable, lithium battery back-up. Where no power is present, or possible, we use Brooks Smoke Alarms with 10 Year Lithium Batteries built in.


The Brooks alarms feature a high performance photoelectric smoke sensor, ideal for detecting smoke from slow, smouldering fires. In addition, the chamber design, integrated insect screen, and unique dust compensation algorithm, reduce the risk of false alarms.



The EIB3016 is powered by 230V AC mains. In the event of mains failure, the rechargeable 10-year, built-in, non-removable lithium battery will provide up to 3 months power supply in the case of a wireless RF installation, or up to 6 months in any other case.


The EIB650iRF is powered by an internal Lithium Battery, designed to last 10 years. These alarms incorporate a wireless interconnect system, which allows them to talk to each other, and can also be connected to the EIB3016 alarm by means of a wireless adapter in the powered smoke alarm.


The EIB3014 is powered by 230V AC mains. This is a heat alarm, designed to detect changes in the heat signature of a room, instead of smoke. Ideal for kitchens, or rooms with a combustion stove or heater.


The AudioLINK feature in all models facilitates the download of the alarm parameters and status using the AudioLINK app on your compatible smart phone.


Each Brooks unit can operate as a standalone alarm or can be interconnected either by cabling or wirelessly, enabling them to communicate with compatible Brooks alarms and accessories. Up to 12 devices can be interconnected.


Brooks alarms self-check their sensor, battery voltage and internal circuitry every 48 seconds. Any fault condition found will be indicated by a combination of yellow LED flashes and chirps.


The memory feature allows an alarm that has previously activated to be easily identified (through the red flashing LED).



One off inspection and report: $105. We will inspect your entire electrical system, including smoke alarm requirements, switchboard, cabling, light switches and fittings, power points and fixed electrical appliances. We will the provide a comprehensive 15 point safety report to let you know of any issues that may arise in the next 12 months.

Annual Service Package: $149 as per the information box below:

Replacements and repairs:

EIB3016          Standard smoke alarm         $212

EIB650iRF      Battery smoke alarm             $226

EIB3014          Heat Alarm                              $262

EIB3000          Wireless Interconnect           $180

After hours service call                                  $140 


Prices include installation and GST

Warranties and Exclusions: Brooks Australia guarantees this Alarm for five years from the date of purchase against any defects that are due to faulty materials or workmanship. If this Alarm should become defective within the guarantee period, we shall at our discretion repair or replace the faulty unit. This guarantee only applies to normal conditions of use and service, and does not include damage resulting from accident, neglect, misuse, unauthorised dismantling, or contamination howsoever caused. This guarantee excludes incidental and consequential damage.

All smoke alarms within a property MUST match. If one hardwired alarms is faulty, and requires replacement, it may be necessary to replace ALL alarms at the property.


Under this agreement, Smart elec agrees to:

· Test, clean, and maintain all smoke alarms in your property annually.

· Provide an inspection report after each service call.

· Provide you with a quote (if required), to bring the property up to  all legislative requirements.

· Provide you with a 15 point electrical safety report for your property identifying any electrical issues present at the time of the inspection.

· Attend any service calls for beeping or faulty alarms during the year, at no charge.

· Be available 5 days per week for service calls. After hours services are possible, additional charges may apply.

To sign up[ for our smoke alarm maintenance program, please fill in the form with your address and contacts.

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